e-Reverse Auctions

Fixed Auctions

Design your own orders to Buy, Sell or Swap energy contracts anytime.

Automated Price Update

Define a price range for your orders that will be updated by minute for the counterparties.

Executing an Order

All the orders will be displayed on your screen ready to be executed. The first bid takes the entire energy volume available in the order.


The order will just be successfully executed if both companies have credit to trade with each other.

Credit Limit

The credit limit defined for the counterparty is setted in MW avg for month.

Users Trade Limit

Each user have an energy volume approved to negotiate.

Deal Concluded

After the deal is concluded an email is sent with the details of the order for both parties.

Trade Registration

By the end of the deal both parties are free to negotiate the terms of the contract and the issues related to the energy registration at the CCEE. The terms of the contract must contain the details of the deal traded at the platform.


Energy Procurement

Start a new procument process in seconds, fully flexible


Define which companies will be able to send you an offer.

Easy to Use

All the offers are displayed organized and analysed.


Set the deadline by which proposals must be submitted making the process fairer to bidders.

Brokerage Fee


Value MW/avg month
R$0,60 MW/h up to 10 MW/avg month
R$0,45 MW/h 10 MW/avg month

e-Reverse Auctions

Value MW/avg month
R$0,25 MW/h up to 10 MW/avg month
R$0,20 MW/h 10 MW/avg month
R$0,15 MW/h 50 MW/avg month